Dear Customers,

We are proud to introduce Yamas Mediterranean Grill to Bethesda. We look forward to being part of the community as we bring a new twist on Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in a fast casual setting that is healthy and delicious.

“Yamas” is a word of Greek origin (Γεια µας) that means “to our Health” and is like “Cheers” around dining tables in Greece and around the world. We are dedicated to providing the best quality tasting food based on the Mediterranean diet for lunch on the “go” or sitting with a table of mezzes (small plates) philosophizing with your friends and family.

We are proud to offer a Mediterranean Menu using only naturally raised antibiotic free meats, olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables – including locally sourced and organic when available.

Enjoy our delicious signature dishes featuring hand made lamb and beef gyros, our juicy Yamas rotisserie chicken marinated with lemon and spices served with fresh sides and fresh grass-fed beef burgers with fresh cut potatoes fried in olive oil. Don’t leave without trying the Opa! Fries! – Hand cut fries with feta cheese mixed together for an amazing side.

Yamas above all is a state of mind. A place where the mind clears and the Mediterranean region’s timeless culinary traditions, vibrant cultures and passionate zest for life come alive.

We hope that you enjoy our restaurant and we look forward to serving you. We have made it our mission to bring you a taste of Greece, and a healthy way of living.


Tony Alexis

For more information please contact: Kelly Alexis |E-mail:yamasgrill@gmail.com